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Iceman Follows His New Boyfriend Across the Country

OIceman, Marvel Comics’ merry gay mutant with the power to wield, you guessed it, ice, makes a major move for a new love. In Wednesday’s Iceman issue number 7, he decides to ditch the X-Mansion in New York to follow his heart to Los Angeles for his first same-sex relationship.

For the uninitiated: Iceman, a.k.a. Bobby Drake, is a founding member of Marvel Comics' mutant team of rebel heroes, the Uncanny X-Men. After spending roughly 50 years in and out of disastrous relationships with one woman after another (like the green-haired daughter of Magneto, Polaris, and the beloved X-Men team leader Kitty Pryde) Bobby finally came out as gay two years ago, thanks in part to his younger self. Yes, there are two gay Icemen in the X-Universe.

Now that the original, older Iceman has graduated to his exciting solo comic,written with oodles of snappy, playful banter and deep, heartfelt honestly by out creator Sina Grace, Bobby Drake has thus far come out to his past girlfriends, dealt with entering the dating scene as a late out-of-the-closet queer, and revealed his homosexuality to his less-than-supportive parents.

Is this move to the West Coast Iceman’s happily ever after? As Grace teases, “Bobby's very new relationship with Judah could end up being quite a serious one! Is Iceman setting up shop in Los Angeles because of capital L Love, or because he needs a change of scenery ... or both?

”While last month’s issue finally brought the older Iceman’s first on-panel kiss with the West Hollywood-living human named Judah, this week’s issue brings even more kissing and a very funny and romantic moment where Bobby’s new boyfriend instructs him in the art of the “Netflix and chill.”

What does this all mean for upcoming issues of Iceman? Grace reveals that Bobby will “first have to survive introducing his parents to his time-displaced self, and a going-away party that includes so many of the Merry Marvel Mutants we grew up loving and a cruel party-crasher named Daken [Wolverine's sexy bisexual son with a grudge against Iceman].“


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